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Obras de Austin Osman Spare (1886 - 1956)

Androgynous Self Portrait as Satyr
Ascent of the Fallen
Ascent of the Fallen
Automatic Draw
Automatic Draw II
Automatic Draw III
BackView of a Standing Girl
Back View of Faun
Back View of Female Nude
Back View Off Two Nude Women
Brian Dawling
Cloaked Woman in Landscape
Derivation of Ginger Rogers
Dream Content
Emerging Figures
Emerging Figures
Experiments in Relativity
Faun and Satyr
Fauness and Satyr
Faun with Hand On Head
Fawns with Masks
Female Portrait
Fighting Figures
Figures in Desolate Landscape
Five Heads
Flower Girl
Flying Figure
Frightened Lady
Gaia with Yellow Shaw
Head of a Girl
Heads and Fingers
Lizard and Heads
Man and Emerging Figure and Hand
Man and Woman
Man in Red Surround by Spirits
Man Looking Right with Cloaked Figure in Green
Man with Cloaked Companion
Man with Crossed Arms and Phantom
Mask II
Masks and Faces
Miss Alexis Smith
Mystic Portrait
Night Fantasia
Night of the Sabbath
Nude and Cloaked Figures
Nude in Fantastic Landscape
nude Torso II
nude Torso
Nude with Heads and Animals
Nude with Skull
Reclining Figure
Reclining Nude
Satyr and Sylph
seafed Nude Seen from Behind
Seated Bearded Man
Seated Japanese Man
Seated Nude Seen from Behind
Self Portrait
Self Portrait 2
Self Portrait 3
Self Portrait - Subliminal Mentations
Self Portraits with His Wife
Self Portrait with Animal Forms
Study of a Broken Skull
Study of a Broken Skull 2
Supine Nude
The Primogenial
Three Fauns
Two Figures with Moon
Tzula, The Huntress
Woman and Automatic Drawing
Zos vel Prometheus