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Nu! the hiding of Hadit. (Al II,1)

Nu is, quite simply, the word for 'Space' in Thelema. When the '-it' ending is added, the notion of space is reifiied as the deity or godform Nuit, the Egyptian Goddess of Space.

This process of naming resembles the Qabalistic unfolding of Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur.

The complement of Nu is Had.

See also: Nuit

Crowley on Nu

"In Nu is Had concealed; by Had is Nu manifested. Nu being 56 and Had 9, their conjunction results in 65, Adonai, the Holy Guardian Angel. Also Hoor, who combines the force of the Sun with that of Mars. Adonai is primarily Solar, but 65 is a number sacred to Mars."
"Or, counting NV 56, Had 10, we get 66, which is (1-11). Had is further the centre of the Key-Word ABRAHADABRA."