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Foto de Gerald Suster publicada no artigo de jornal que acabou com a sua carreira de professor

Gerald Suster (nascido e falecido em Londres, tendo vivido de 02/08/1951 a 03/02/2001) foi um historiador, escritos ocultistae romancista britânico. Ele é famoso por suas biografias de Aleister Crowley (The Legacy of the Beast) e Israel Regardie (Crowley's Apprentice).


O pai de Gerald foi Ilya Suster, um empresário da indústria de derivados de ovos, nascido Ilya Shusterovich, em Harbin, Manchuria, em 17 de Outubro de 1914, que cresceu em Hamburg, Alemanha, e emigrou com sua família para o Reino Unido em 1939.

Desde a sua adolescência, Gerald Suster interessou-se pelo oculto. Aos 21 anos de idade conheceu Israel Regardie, que havia sido secretário pessoal de Aleister Crowley, tendo contato então com a filosofia de Thelema.

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Ajude e colabore com a tradução.

Suster foi educado na Highgate School, então estudou Filosofia em Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Enquanto vivia na califórnia, no início dos anos setenta, ele encontrou-se com os discípulos de Aleister Crowley: Gerald Yorke e Israel Regardie, tendo estudado magick com o segundo.

He went on to work in advertising and also taught history, before becoming a full-time writer.

Gerald Suster casou-se duas vezes, em 1975 com Ann Nash (da qual se divorciou) e mais tarde em 1992 com Michaela Antonina Duncan (1948-2001).

He began his writing career with a series of occult novels: first, in 1979, came The Devil's Maze, rapidly followed by The Elect (1980), The Scar (1981), The Offering (1982), then Striker: the story of two mutants, The Block and The Force (all 1984), The Handyman in 1985 and The Labyrinth of Satan in 1997. His first work of non-fiction was Hitler and the Age of Horus (1981), in which he explored the rumours of Nazi interest in black magic and connected this with Crowley's vision of a world in turmoil, after which a new Aeon of Horus would emerge.

The modern occult community owes much to Suster, who played a part in the founding of those lecture forums which were the forerunners to the myriad occult groups which meet today across Britain. In his own words he "willed for there to be a non-dogmatic forum of magick, hosting good speakers and fostering discussion between individuals of differing persuasions". Disappointed with existing magickal groups, in the early Nineties Suster formed his own, the Company of Heaven.

In 1989 he took up the post of live-in tutor at the private sixth form of Boarzell Tutorial College in Sussex. After one meeting of the Society lecture forum Suster was approached by a man who presented himself as someone interested in the occult, but turned out to be a News of the World journalist. Suster had been for many years one of Britain's best-known occult authors, so any attempt at exposure of the man, who made no attempt to conceal his beliefs, was frankly a little silly. However, on 16 April 1989, the News of the World printed an article in which Suster was accused of base crimes. It ruined him. He was asked to resign his job by the college, which feared for its reputation, although he was eventually awarded an undisclosed sum in damages in an out of-court settlement.

After this Suster returned to writing, producing work upon a range of subjects, including The Truth About the Tarot (1990), Lightning Strikes: the lives and times of boxing's lightweight heroes (1994) and The Generals: the best and worst military commanders (1997). He also branched out into writing erotica with an historical background under a nom de plume.

A man of scholarship, he was none the less generous enough to play a satirical version of himself, at the start of 2000, in the Post-Millennial Tension Show, a burlesque of 20th-century occultism directed by Gareth Medway.

No dia 2 de fevereiro de 2001, faleceu de ataque cardíaco, em sua própria cama.



  • The Devil's Maze (1979)
  • The Elect (1980)
  • Hitler and the Age of Horus (1981)
  • The Scar (1981)
  • The Offering (1982)
  • The Block (1983)
  • Stryker (1984)
  • The Force (1984)
  • The Handyman (1985)
  • The God Game (1986)
  • The Labyrinth of Satan (1997)


  • Hitler: The Occult Messiah (1981)
  • The Legacy of the Beast: The Life, Work, and Influence of Aleister Crowley (1988)
  • John Dee: Essential Readings (1986)
  • Hitler, Black Magician (1987)
  • Crowley's Apprentice: The Life and Ideas of Israel Regardie (1989)
  • The Truth About the Tarot: A Manual of Practice and Theory (1996)
  • The Hell-Fire Friars: Sex, Politics & Religion (2000)


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